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The Seller's Perspective - Pt. One

Suze Cumming

Suze is passionate about our natural world and anything that propels her into the wilderness and allows her to stretch her limits is game on...

Suze is passionate about our natural world and anything that propels her into the wilderness and allows her to stretch her limits is game on...

Aug 23 4 minutes read

The Seller's Perspective -  Pt. One

I’m preparing to sell my cabin in Whistler and so far, it’s been an emotional roller coaster.  I think this is a pretty cool opportunity to observe and reflect on the seller’s perspective to help each of you serve your clients better.  

The cabin is decluttered, fully refreshed, landscaped and staged.  Pictures are taken and we are just waiting for the smoke in Whistler to clear so we can get good drone shots of the view.  So now it’s a waiting game.

What I have learned so far is that professional empathy, emotional intelligence and strategy truly are the most important skills you bring to the seller and they cannot be replaced by technology.  

Perhaps there is the occasional person who is selling their property who does not need their emotions handled well but the vast majority are going through a new experience that is big, scary and fraught with potential pitfalls.  The biggest fear I have felt so far is that something will go wrong.  Our strategy won’t work, the market will change, we have missed an important disclosure that could lead to legal issues, what if people just don’t like my home or what if I’m doing the wrong thing.  These things haunt me while I’m sleeping and I’m supposed to be an expert.

The first thing I did was speak to a couple of REALTORS® about selling my place.  This is tough for me as I know and like most of the REALTORS in town and have personal relationships with 30 or 40 of them.  

The first two I spoke with were really friendly and brought me a few comparable properties but didn’t really offer me much in the way of a strategy or a plan.  They didn’t ask a lot of questions about my objectives, motivations or fears.  I was left not really knowing how to move forward with them.  During this time, I asked a third REALTOR® to come by and she was remarkably different.  She asked the questions that mattered and got to the core of my needs quickly.  She laid out some options and stepped back gracefully and professionally while I made my decision about the three agents.  I definitely would be working with her but needed to process the decision so that I could let the other agents know without damaging my relationships or the sale process as Whistler is a very small town.  

The takeaway that I can pass on to you:  If someone asks you to come see their home, they are likely interested in selling and possibly very soon.  Ask them!  What are your timelines for getting the property sold?  What are some of the concerns you have about the selling process?   What are you looking for in an agent?  If you don’t learn what the seller’s needs are you have zero chance of fulfilling them.   I’ve written about this many times and now I have felt it first-hand.  Make this your first priority.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on The Seller’s Perspective. Coming next is The Listing Presentation, Pricing and Strategy, Staging and then whatever else shows up in the process. Let’s take this amazing opportunity to learn as much as we can so that we can offer our seller’s an amazing experience when they choose us to represent them in the sale of their home.

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