Coach Training

Next Course

Our next course will begin on October 28th.

We will have 8 weekly webinars on Wednesdays with the final Session on December 19th.

In addition to weekly webinars, participants will engage in reading and reviewing an extensive set of coaching tools, meeting outside of class for peer coaching, working with a practice client, working one on one with the instructor, and completing a feedback cycle to test grasp of the knowledge and achieve the Coaching certification.

This course has space for a maximum of 15 people and is by Application only. 

The cost of this course is $2500 CAD


Think of a Real Estate Coach as being a lot like a mountain guide. A mountain guide will help you identify which peak you want to summit, and which route will get you there most effectively.

A mountain guide, before you go on the journey will help you make sure you have the right clothing and the right gear. A Real Estate Coach will help you do the same with your business. They’ll help you make sure you have the skills and knowledge that you need. On top of this, your mountain guide keeps you in the right frame of mind and helps you learn along the way.

When it comes to climbing the mountain, the mountain guide isn’t going to climb the mountain for you, and they won’t carry you up the mountain either, but they’re going to make sure you have the right route, look out for challenges, and help you make the best decisions as you get to the top."

Our Coach Training

In this time of rapid change, oncoming technology, and the connection economy, coaching is one of the fastest growing skill sets for professionals and leaders, and business coaches are increasingly in high demand.

It’s an evolution that The Nature of Real Estate has been part of since the beginning.

Coaching is not consulting, training, or simply holding others accountable. We will not teach you an A-Z system to deliver to clients. Instead, we will challenge you to look deeply at your coaching client’s businesses and help see where their strengths are, what challenges are holding them back, and help them overcome these challenges to succeed.

Our coach training program enables excellent realtors to learn the tools, skills, and approach to use their experience to support other agents in a way that is sustainable, personal, and highly effective.  We accomplish this through an intimate and interactive 8-week course.

As a great Realtor, you likely already have some experience with coaching as you’ve helped clients realize what’s important to them, make tough decisions, mediate conflict, and reach their best outcomes in buying and selling.

Within the Real Estate industry, we’ve seen how much training is focused on getting clients, but not on the broader approach of how to be excellent in every aspect of the business. With this training program, we hope to teach excellent Realtors how to foster excellence in others, increasing the professionalism of the industry.

Why train with us?

Because we’ve done it. We have 10 years of experience coaching Realtors who have risen to the top of the industry, who have met their goals not only in numbers, but also in lifestyle, ethics, and the creation of remarkable Real Estate businesses¹. We have successfully trained dozens of coaches with a coach approach aligned with the International Coach Federation and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

Because learning how to truly coach is challenging, and looks remarkably different for each person, and we will challenge you to be excellent at it.

¹ Testimonials From our Coaches' Clients

"I’ve been working with my coach for 2 short months and I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short period of time! She has helped me break down barriers of low-confidence and self-doubt, helped build practical real estate knowledge and skills and has helped lift me up when I feel down. She goes above and beyond to make sure I get what I need from the coaching experience. She celebrates my wins with me and helps me overcome seemingly impossible challenges."

"My Coachis the first coach that I’ve met in the Real Estate Industry that actually understands the human equation. Building a business while not forgetting your core values, personal health or emotional well being is what it’s all about. When I first started with her, my mind was full of “I can’t”, and “they won’t”, and I was at a plateau in my business. After one year of working with my coach, my sales have almost doubled and my confidence has never been higher. She’s helped me get out of my own way and see that “I can” and “they will”! I appreciate being able to discuss the big picture with her, but also get sage advice on specific real-time real estate questions. She doesn’t just help with doing more transactions (but that comes too) – she’s also been instrumental in assisting me set goals in my life outside of Real Estate, and seeing that there’s more to success than deal count. Working with The Nature of Real Estate has been the best decision of my real estate career and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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