Mentoring is Remarkable.

The Red Circle Mentoring program allows you to outsource your in-house training program utilizing some of your greatest resources–your experienced agents. 

Proven Model. Proven Methodology.
Training Program that Works. 

The Red Circle Mentoring program takes the time consuming parts of agent development off your hands, freeing you up to be the visionary that your organization needs you to be. As a leader, you need time to innovate, inspire, create and motivate your people.

We train and certify the mentors, qualify the mentees and oversee these powerful relationships to ensure success for all parties.

Benefits to the Brokerage:

  • Powerful recruitment tool
  • Improves retention and engagement of mature agents (and retains their books of clients)
  • Increases productivity of the mentee and the mentor
  • Contributes to a culture of collaboration and cooperation within your brokerage
  • Gives you a powerful team building training program
  • Gives you access to a premium training model in-house at no cost and very little time commitment
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