Mentoring is Life Changing.

The Red Circle Mentoring program allows you to learn at the hands of individuals, using their unique strengths and skills and is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Proven Model. Proven Methodology.
Training Program that Works. 

We train and certify the mentors, qualify the mentees and oversee these powerful relationships to ensure success for all parties.

Benefits for the Mentee:

  • High quality one-on-one coaching, training, and support without fixed monthly costs
  • Strong sense of belonging and support within the brokerage
  • Excellent odds of success in real estate, quickly

Becoming a Mentee:

The first step in joining the program as a Mentee is to submit your name to Red Circle Mentoring, your managing broker or a mentor in your brokerage. You will be introduced to a potential mentor and have an interview with them. This is an opportunity for the two of you to determine if there is a good match and if a mentoring relationship should be established.

Once a mentoring relationship is accepted by both the mentor and the mentee, you will enter into an agreement with the mentor setting out how you will work together. This will include mutual expectations, frequency of communication, and understanding of the training program. You will agree to pay 20% of your gross commissions earned during the term of the agreement to your mentor and 5% to Red Circle. The term of the agreement is for 1 year or once you have earned $100,000 gross commission, whichever occurs first. To submit your name to Red Circle Mentoring as a potential mentee, email [email protected]

Ready to Become a Mentee?

Take the next step in changing your career, and ultimately, your life for the better.

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