Mentoring is Phenomenal.

The Red Circle Mentoring program allows you to build a powerful relationship in which you use your experience, perspective, and the mentoring model to lead a mentee to success.

Proven Model. Proven Methodology.
Training Program that Works. 

We train and certify the mentors, qualify the mentees and oversee these powerful relationships to ensure success for all parties.

Benefits for the Mentor:

  • Freedom and flexibility for experienced agents who would like to work less and have a higher quality of life
  • Helps build an exit strategy through financial compensation, succession planning and personal identity evolution
  • Can offer diverse work opportunities, meaning, purpose and legacy for experienced agents
  • Great tool for team leaders to recruit and train team members
  • Financially rewarding

Becoming a Mentor:

The first step in becoming a mentor is by application and interview. The characteristics of a great mentor are not simply about real estate success. The ideal candidate is a caring and curious individual who enjoys helping other people achieve greatness. You are open-minded and excited to learn new perspectives, new skills and new ways to achieve success in real estate. our current business is stable and you have the time and resources to help a mentee build their career.

Upon acceptance into the training program, you will embark on a learning journey that will span over 2 months. This will include 8 group webinars, weekly homework assignments of 3-4 hours, working with a practice mentee throughout the program, reading and studying requirements, a one on one learning session with the mentoring instructor, and a feedback and evaluation session to certify you as a Red Circle Mentor.

You will be licensed as a mentor with Red Circle Mentoring. This gives you access to all of the training material, ongoing monthly training sessions, support for your mentoring relationships and the initial startup training program. There is a one-time, $2500 licensing fee, and once you are mentoring you will be compensated with 20% of your mentees’ commissions.

Ready to Become a Mentor?

To inquire about becoming a mentor with Red Circle, complete the application form
or contact Ali, our mentor liaison, at [email protected]

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